Material Solutions This kitchen

Photo: Audrey Hall

This kitchen, designed by Charlene Petersen of Baltimore-based Cashmere Interior, incorporates zinc in the island and Jura limestone on the perimeter.

Whether the goal is to create a dramatic focal point, a durable work surface or simply add a splash of color in the kitchen, countertops offer myriad design possibilities. New innovations have made it easier than ever to fabricate everything from cleverly curved designs to beautiful waterfall edges to backlit countertops that literally light up the kitchen, while the number of color, texture and pattern choices seems to grow at record speed.

Indeed, with so many material choices, each with its own unique look and characteristics, designers’ greatest challenge often lies in narrowing down the possibilities and finding just the right surface for the job.

Of course, with the mix-and-match trend still going strong, there’s no need to choose only one surface – and today’s kitchens often address style, function and budgetary needs by combining a variety of surfacing materials into the space for maximum effect.

This month, KBDN looks at how a wide array of surfacing materials can add aesthetic and functional appeal to kitchen projects of all sizes and styles.